Online Consultations

Do you find it hard to get time off from your job to go to an appointment? Do you want to avoid a version of The Hunger Games on the freeways and highways, when you are trying to reduce stress in your life? Perhaps you love efficiency, comfort and saving money, and would rather counsel from your smartphone or laptop? If this sounds like you, our online consultation format prevents potential stress, gas costs and time off work, and is $20 dollars less than our office consultations.

For our office consultations, you have a counseling session in person with Cheri Swanson while Alex Swanson works on your analysis and custom food program. For our online consultations, you will work primarily with Alex by email while getting ongoing support by Alex, Cheri and Joanne by email and phone. You will get the same high quality attention from the SHC team with both options to help you reach your goals!

How it Works:

1. Click on the add to cart link and check out.





2. You will be prompted by email to fill out our client form and 3-5 day food diary. 
3. Alex will analyze this information and create an analysis, 3 day food rotation plan, and custom supplementation recommendations based on your needs. 
4.You will receive your program by email within 72 hours. If you have any questions or need assistance with your program, we are here to by email and phone to answer your questions.

5. We will check in after 2 weeks and 4 weeks to make sure your goals are being met! 



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