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Join the Food Revolution!!

The food revolution is a movement sweeping the nation in support of farmers growing our food without pesticides and herbicides, building nutrient rich soil and supplying our communities with high quality food that gave our ancestors such superior health. Simply by supporting local, organic food production, we can change the entire agricultural system and give ourselves and our children robust health.

Where to Find Local and Organic Food

Community Supported Agriculture

Fruit, vegetable and herb basket: South Coast Farms

Protein CSA and Chicken CSA: Rainbow Ranch Farms This is perhaps the most impressive farm we have in southern California. Very high quality meats that you won’t find in grocery stores! This is also the only place I know of that you can get raw goat’s milk shipped to you.

Farmer’s Market

Orange County Farmers Market

Irvine Farmers Market
Eggs, grass-fed beef, chicken, raw goat cheese, fresh baked bread, fruits, vegetables, nuts, raw honey, raw apple juice, mushrooms, herbs and more!

Costa Mesa Farmers Market
Fruits, vegetables, raw honey, fresh baked bread, eggs and more!

Corona del Mar Farmers Market
Don’s eggs are the best we can find anywhere! Raw honey, fruits, vegetables, flowers and other items found here.

Local Harvest
Helps you locate local farms.

Finding Grass-Fed Beef

For  those who are having trouble finding grass-fed beef in your area, you can purchase it through U.S Wellness Meats at You can also find sustainably caught seafood, homemade broths, grass fed lamb, pastured pork, nitrite free bacon and more!

The Best Wild Salmon and Seafood

We purchase our wild salmon from Vital Choice. Not only is it unbelievably delicious, but it routinely tests very low for mercury. A great place to stock your freezer full of all different types of seafood!

Where to Buy Seeds, Fruit Trees, Nut trees and Berry Bushes

Irvine Farmers Market

Trees of

Peaceful Valley Farm Supply

Bountiful Gardens

How to Get Involved

Organic Consumers Association

Weston A. Price Foundation

Pesticide Action Network


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