Emptiness Enzyme Fermented Detox Formula



Emptiness is a revolutionary enzyme cleanse that empowers the body to remove toxins and nourish our cells with vital nutrients and water. Formulated by slow-fermenting 10 herbs with probiotics and enzymes, Emptiness delivers the best of Korea’s healing traditions.

Once liberated from toxins, our body can fully absorb and benefit from the food we eat, opening the doors to True Nutritional Healing.

The ingredients in Emptiness naturally support the body’s ability to:

Smoothly and regularly remove toxins from the GI tract*
Promote clear, well-hydrated skin*
Support blood circulation*
Aid immune system health*
Promote higher overall energy*
Maintain healthy gut flora*

Suggested Use

Take one granule pack and two capsules twice daily, along with 16 oz. of water. Pour granules into mouth and rinse down with water without chewing.

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