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Reishi Super Strength (Reishi Gano 161)

The scientific name for Reishi is Ganoderma lucidum.  Also referred to as Red Reishi, Reishi is one of the most widely researched supplements in Asia, with most of the research centering on three actions: hepatic support, immune modulation and cardiovascular support. Research has also shown that Reishi extracts can oxygenate the blood. Reishi is currently used by many mountain climbers to prevent altitude sickness and is contained in many of the performance-enhancing herbal formulas used by competitive athletes.*

In development for over four years, our proprietary strain, Reishi Gano 161, represents the future of mushroom supplements.  Using HPLC analysis of the triterpenes as the criteria for strain selection, various strains of Reishi were crossed, resulting in a strain containing a much broader spectrum of the naturally occurring triterpenes as compared to any other strains analyzed to date.

The subject of a series of human clinical studies at a major U.S. University, Reishi Super Strength delivers the very best this ancient mushroom has to offer and is the finest Reishi supplement available in the world.

The first study found that the triterpenes in Reishi Super Strength (Gano 161 strain), down-regulates TNF-Alpha and NF-kB when outside the normal range. This effect occurs at the same time the polysaccharides are supporting the non-specific immune response.*

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