For over thirty five years, we have used and trusted very few companies to assist the health of my clients. We only carry products that have been shown in research and our clinical practice to work, and continually update what we use based on the latest research. At Swanson Health Center, we educate between the differences of cheap vitamin made from coal, tar, synthetic fats and other harmful substances, and cold processed, highly absorbable food-based supplementation. What makes us different is that you can call, email or come into our store with challenging clinical questions and get accurate answers.

We have evolved into a natural pharmacy, and we now carry a full diversified line of natural products including vitamins, herbs and a chemical free laundry and cleaning line. Here you will find the highest quality grass-fed protein powder, probiotics, digestive enzymes, prenatal vitamins, vitamin D3, CoQ10 and many others often only sold by health care practitioners.  Our store is located at our office address, with a daily UPS and USPS shipping service available. Call 949-640-9089 or email us at for more information.

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