Swanson Health Center Nutrition Consultations

Cheri Swanson C.N.

What makes Swanson Health Center different with nutrition counseling, is that you have a counselor and a nutrition researcher working on your program. While you see Cheri in person, Alex Swanson will also be working behind the scenes doing extensive research for your custom nutrition analysis and program. This approach gives you full attention on your goals and a higher rate of a successful outcome.

For new clients, Cheri Swanson offers a one-hour office consultation. She is available Monday through Thursday and is also available for phone consultations.

The appointment includes:

  • A review of your goals
  • A health history and food diary analysis
  • A blood work analysis
  • A custom nutrition plan based on your individual needs
  • Nutrition handouts as needed

*If you haven’t been in for two years, you are considered a new client and need to fill out a new client form and food diary. Thank you!

Specialties include:
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