If you do what Cheri says– you will see RESULTS!

I had 3 issues that had been going on for many years. I worked diligently to resolve them on my own through diet and exercise, but nothing ever worked. My neighbor recommended that I set up an appointment with Cheri. Six weeks later, and after one consultation, I look and feel so much better.

These are the 3 issues that I was experiencing:

1) After menopause, I developed a "meno-pooch". I looked like I was 3 months pregnant!

2) I was experiencing uncontrollable bouts of gas.

3) My finger nails developed vertical lines and became very weak and brittle.

Today, my stomach is flat, my bouts of gas have decreased substantially, and after just 2 weeks, my fingernails began to show signs of improvement. Cheri is truly amazing. She is very knowledgeable, understanding, and truly cares about the well-being of her clients. She outlined a personal program regiment for me to follow. I felt empowered by making smarter food choices and developing new and healthier habits. It takes some self-discipline, but as I said earlier, if you do what Cheri says– you will see RESULTS. Today, I walk away feeling confident, happier, healthier, and more alive! I now fully understand the true meaning of the phrase, “You are what you eat.” Thank you Cheri, for your undying guidance and expertise. You helped to educate me on the nutritional foods to eat, those to avoid eating, and the recommended daily/weekly requirements. You have given me the wonderful gift of living a healthier life through proper nutrition. I can’t begin to thank you enough.

You truly are the BEST!

Alice M.

Huntington Beach, CA

“I came to Swanson Health Center as a last resort. I did not have the energy to get out of bed for days at a time, was going on a medical leave from work and my body hurt everywhere. I tested positive for Lupus twice, only to learn they were “false positive results. I had been suffering from Epstein-Barr Virus/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome since I was 15 years old, but these new symptoms were more severe.

Eventually I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Medications were not working and I grew depressed, I heard about Cheri from an acquaintance and figured I had nothing to lose. Unbeknownst to me at the time, but Cheri and the wonderful people she surrounds herself with at Swanson Health Center would save my life. Within weeks, my body calmed down and began to function in a healthy way. My energy level increased, pain decreased and I was hopeful. Within 4 months, not only was I running in a 5K Mud Run and feeling better than I had in years, but I even lost 18lbs.

The program Cheri designed for me was difficult at first because it meant giving up foods I turned to for “comfort.” However, once those foods and toxins were out of my system, I found joy in eating foods that benefited my health and kept my blood sugar balanced! I am so thankful for Swanson Health Center, they helped turn my life around when I was in peril and today helped me maintain a happy, healthy body.”

Lori S.

Thank goodness our second opinion was from Cheri Swanson. After a 15 month nightmare with link the hospital stays and no answers, just one week after seeing Cheri, my husband was on the road to a full recovery also, thank you to Joanne, who was just amazingly helpful. We have our lives back thanks to Swanson health center I have to pinch myself to believe it!


“Thank you Alex!  You can’t imagine how many doctors, nutritionists, naturopaths, chiropractors, acupuncturists and more I have seen in the past 10 years.  I think I got more practical understanding of my issues from one hour with you than all of them combined.  I’m very grateful.  Please let me know if you ever do any kind of program or training down the road that might interest me. I will be in touch.”


“I just wanted to say thank Cheri Swanson and Swanson Health Center soooo very much for all your help!! Pete has never felt better. he has taken his vitamin B and probiotic continuously since I got it from you guys. We also introduced oregano oil for a bit while he had his sinus infection (and thanks to you for the tips Joanne on the garlic spray, his infection was killed in literally 2 days or less!

I appreciate you both and will continue to tell other people about you guys. It’s crazy how many people are just relying on medicines and drugs to “help” them when they are really are not helping anything.

Pete’s skin is completely cleared and he has lost 8-10 lbs just from the probiotic regulating his intestines. Thank you and God bless!!

“I’m back on track! I finished the 3 day cleanse and I know longer crave sodas in the afternoon!
Thank you!


“I hadn’t slept in years and was told to see multiple specialists. I was hesitant to have to go on the circuit without knowing if I would get any help. I had heard a lot about Cheri Swanson, and I decided to see her first. She found mineral deficiencies and gave me a program to follow. After the first night I slept! I’m finally sleeping each night! I can’t tell you how grateful I am to Swanson Health Center. Thank you so much!”

Mary K

“I am so happy I don’t know what to do; I been using all that stuff and that swelling is all gone now.  My mouth is just perfect. And my nails are gorgeous!  I even put a little polish on them now–used to be soft and break all the time.  And my toe nails, too; they were getting thick with a fungus and–kinda black.  But now, they are looking light and just right.

And that coconut oil…I put that on my hair for 20 minutes before I wash it…one time over night.  And you should see my hair now; it’s soft and shiny.” This life—every time you think it’s getting worse; it’s getting a little better.  As long as I listen to your regimen, it turns out good; when I don’t, I screw up!”

“So you tell Alex Swanson that he took care of all this and to keep up the good work: I want to thank him… and this body wants to thank him!    Everything is doing so good I feel re-born.”


In early January of 2008 I suffered a serious  break of my lower leg while skiing in Utah (the break is called a tibia plateau facture and they are ranked in order of severity 1-6, 6 being the most severe). My break was a level 6 tibia plateau fracture, a level that is more commonly associated w/ a serious motor cycle accident. I had two (2) surgeries, was confined to bed for about 3 months and went from wheel chair to walker to crutches to cane before being able to walk on my own again. My recovery took about a year (although I can tell you it’s now been over three (3) years since the accident and I am still seeing progress.

I can thankfully say I had an excellent surgeon, physical and exercise therapist as well as an excellent nutritionist in Cheri Swanson. Although I own my own company and had several key projects underway at the time, Cheri insisted that I stop all work, phone calls, etc. each day for a long afternoon nap (minimum of two (2) or so hours), indicating that without added daily rest the body simply won’t heal optimally. Importantly she also designed a vitamin therapy plan that required I take vitamin supplements three (3) times daily. She and Joanne her assistant also gave me invaluable advice for proper eating and other assistance all throughout my long recovery process.

The positive results of my recovery were unusually dramatic. My surgeon said he had never seen a bone mend as well as mine – commenting while we both looked at a side-by-side x-ray of my right and left lower legs that if there were no metal (inserted during the surgery) around the leg that had broken that “you wouldn’t be able to tell which of the two legs had been broken!”.

I attribute much of the extraordinary healing I achieved to the products and care of Cheri Swanson and I am so grateful to her and to Joanne for their assistance and care during that very difficult period of my life. It is unheard of to achieve nearly 100% recovery from an accident of this type and yet I have attained nearly that – and the progress that remains (for almost complete knee flexibility and such), I am determined to still gain and believe that Cheri’s help and products will continue to bring me improvement.

It may shock you to hear that to a certain degree I am actually glad that this accident happened to me because through this recovery process I have become healthier than I’ve been for a very long time and much more aware of the need for a healthy life-style of exercise, proper nutrition and the need for vitamin supplements (which I still take without fail).

David Zak (Age 60yrs)

Dear Cheri,

Coming away from my recent visit with you, I felt very assured about the regimen you advised
and it made me recall that, during the fifteen years since meeting you, I’ve gone from eating mostly powdery, zero-nutrient things, to enjoying fresh, real foods and quality supplements– with clear improvements in my skin and hair. And last year, after a severe fall displaced my
sacrum, the therapeutic massage nurse said over and over that if I did not have such strong bones, they would have fractured, leaving me disabled.  I am deeply grateful for you and your healing regimens.

-Beth Ann

Dear Cheri,

I just have to thank you. It has been so long since I have felt this good. Actually, I feel normal again. And that is all thanks to your good advice and encouragement.


Thank you! I am already feeling much better! Just three rounds of vitamins; today I didn’t need my motion sickness pills, was able to take a walk, and work! Thank you!


I cannot say enough good things about Cheri and Alex Swanson.  The team there has saved me on multiple occasions.

When I first saw Cheri Swanson, I had not been able to bounce back from a major surgery (complete hysterectomy) after two years.  At work, I had to go part-time; at home, I could not even make it up the stairs to the bedroom so I was sleeping in the den.  I had been to a parade of medical doctors about this, but none had been able to help.  I had trouble tolerating dental procedures, so my endodonitst’s office referred me to Cheri.  She said I looked underwater and that my adrenals had “hung up the phone” and titled me the Queen of Hypoglycemia.  Just being in Cheri’s caring presence makes a person feel better. But she is also a master of what I call “tech transfer”:  she prepares a simple program tailored to one’s lifestyle so it can actually be followed, even by a person who is physically and mentally exhausted.  Within 4 days of seeing Cheri, I was walking a mile a day.  I got my life back.

Another time:  I broke my knee while on vacation overseas, and the third-world hospital immobilized it in a cast to heal.  A week later I was medically cleared to fly home and saw an orthopedic specialist here, who said that the halves of the kneecap were binding together on one side but not the other because the pieces were farther apart there than diagnosed overseas, and the gap hovered at the limit of what could heal without surgical intervention.  He was pessimistic about the break mending by itself, especially given factors such as my age & underlying osteoporosis.  He allowed a few weeks to wait and see, but if the remaining gap hadn’t bridged at that point I would need surgery to re-break the kneecap, destroy the partial healing and wire the pieces together.  People who have this surgery are usually back within a year for another one to get the painful wires removed.  Aside from the resulting nasty scars, I desperately wanted to avoid any surgery, much less two, because I am allergic to all antibiotics, so we had no good strategy if an infection occurred and it could be a death sentence.  Again, Team Swanson came to the rescue, including an intensive diet and supplement regime and even a donation of grass-feed beef bones with a recipe for marrow soup.  The result was that healthy new bone completely cemented the gap without surgery, and I regained full mobility to the extent that my orthopedist said his only other patient with as much knee flexibility is in the Cirque de Soleil.

These are some major incidents, but Team Swanson is always ready and able to help with everyday maladies and problems.  I learn something valuable every time I am in there, even if I just drop in to buy some supplements, not to mention that they just brighten my day.  These are indispensible people to have in one’s corner.


“I took 1 pill of Levaquin in May 2010, 750 mg, exactly as much as that woman in the video took. Though my case is nowhere near as severe as hers, I couldn’t walk more than 15 minutes at a time without needing to take a 2 hour nap afterwards, for about 3 months. Facial, neck and arm numbness, muscle weakness, vision problems, fatigue. Noise and light sensitivity for months. Only now am I feeling relatively “normal.” Cheri has helped me immensely, mostly by being one of the few who doesn’t treat me like I’m crazy to think there’s a connection between the antibiotic and my symptoms. I could go on and on about it. Has definitely made me rethink what I put into my body!”


“I went to see Cheri Swanson in regard to a cognizant brain impairment.  What I learned is a wealth of knowledge. With her help and guidance I have lost 40 pounds in 6 months. I have lowered my LDL (Bad Cholesterol) to well within normal limits while raising the HDL (Good Cholesterol)  My blood pressure is with in normal ranges. Virtually all my blood work has improved significantly to insure proper and increased blood flows to my brain. All this and more was done through guidance in diet change and use of supplements.  My medical doctors have taken me off  the prescription medication that were previously  prescribe to deal with other medical problems that now longer exist due to the weight and diet change.

Swanson Health Center was suggested to me by my daughter who had used her for a pregnancy problem.  We had already spent a lot of money on artificial insemination and in vitro fertilization, none of which was successful. Cheri was recommended to my daughter and was put on a new diet.  Lucky us, my daughter was pregnant 2 months later and we got a new grand daughter with perfect complexion.

I used to think all the nutrition articles, Organic foods and supplements were quite a bit of advertising manipulation, but I am a reformed person. With organic food, we eat better, more nutrition on less food. Not only that, it tastes better.

We were also amazed at how affordable it was to use her services.

I suggest anyone with any kind of medical problem visit Cheri.

Even if you think you are eating properly, it would be worth a visit to her clinic.


I went into Swanson Health Center for issues with anxiety and hypoglycemia. I’d been struggling with these for years, and those at Swanson Health Center were the first to provide me with a treatment plan that actually worked. I met with the nutritionist Cheri Swanson, and she was incredibly kind and welcoming. I could tell she actually wanted to get to know me as a person and structure a unique plan for my individual needs. I’d seen doctors before who were quick to prescribe me medications without knowing anything at all about me. This is not the case at Swanson Health Center. Alex Swanson wrote up a detailed client analysis for me and they both helped me to fully understand the whole picture, including how I was affected by my diet, exercise routine, sleep patterns, and personal history. As I’ve followed their treatment plan, I’ve seen my mood and overall health benefit in so many ways. If you’ve been searching for a nutritionist who truly cares and is able to help you naturally re-structure your health, I definitely recommend this place!



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