You’re right about that! Gatorade has artificial colors and flavors derived from aromatic hydrocarbons from petrochemicals, or oil. This drink also contains hydrogenated soybean and cottonseed oils. Hydrogenated oils are also called “trans fats,” which have better shelf life. However, they are dangerous to your health in many ways, such as destroying the flexibility of healthy cell membranes. Gatorade also contains 14 grams of sugar!


You might be hoping Vitaminwater will be a better alternative. Unfortunately, there are 32.5 grams of sugar in a bottle. Even worse, the “vitamins” in Vitaminwater are synthetic, and therefore useless.


So, where do you turn when trying to provide your body with the proper nutrients? Certainly, nourishing your body throughout a work out is key to gaining peak performance. If you are an athlete, Alex Swanson says, “the elite athlete requires almost 10 times the amount of nutrients that the average person requires.” Deficiencies in electrolytes can hamper performance and lead to cramping. Because today’s water is rigorously purified, distilled, and treated, it is no longer providing people with the mineral content they need.


Your best option would be coconut water, which is packed with natural vitamins, electrolytes, and anti-viral properties. Make sure to find ones without added sugar. Alex also recommends the electrolyte hydrator by Vega, which comes in individual packets. Vega uses the herb stevia to sweeten it, although it can be a little too sweet for some people. Another option is to add freshly squeezed lemon juice to your water with a pinch of sea salt.  Keep up the good work!


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