Rebuilding Broken Bone – In early January of 2008 I suffered a serious  break of my lower leg while skiing in Utah (the break is called a tibia plateau facture and they are ranked in order of severity 1-6, 6 being the most severe). My break was a level 6 tibia plateau fracture, a level that is more commonly associated w/ a serious motor cycle accident. I had two (2) surgeries, was confined to bed for about 3 months and went from wheel chair to walker to crutches to cane before being able to walk on my own again. My recovery took about a year (although I can tell you it’s now been over three (3) years since the accident and I am still seeing progress.

I can thankfully say I had an excellent surgeon, physical and exercise therapist as well as an excellent nutritionist in Cheri Swanson. Although I own my own company and had several key projects underway at the time, Cheri insisted that I stop all work, phone calls, etc. each day for a long afternoon nap (minimum of two (2) or so hours), indicating that without added daily rest the body simply won’t heal optimally. Importantly she also designed a vitamin therapy plan that required I take vitamin supplements three (3) times daily. Cheri and her assistant Joanne also gave me invaluable advice for proper eating and other assistance all throughout my long recovery process.

The positive results of my recovery were unusually dramatic. My surgeon said he had never seen a bone mend as well as mine – commenting while we both looked at a side-by-side x-ray of my right and left lower legs that if there were no metal (inserted during the surgery) around the leg that had broken that “you wouldn’t be able to tell which of the two legs had been broken!”.

I attribute much of the extraordinary healing I achieved to the products and care of Cheri Swanson and I am so grateful to her and to Joanne for their assistance and care during that very difficult period of my life. It is unheard of to achieve nearly 100% recovery from an accident of this type and yet I have attained nearly that – and the progress that remains (for almost complete knee flexibility and such), I am determined to still gain and believe that Cheri’s help and products will continue to bring me improvement.

It may shock you to hear that to a certain degree I am actually glad that this accident happened to me because through this recovery process I have become healthier than I’ve been for a very long time and much more aware of the need for a healthy life-style of exercise, proper nutrition and the need for vitamin supplements (which I still take without fail).

-David Zac (60 years old)

Here is the Program that Has Been Highly Successful for Rebuilding Bone

Building and Repairing Foods

Adequate protein is essential for repair:

  • Grass fed beef, buffalo, chicken, salmon, eggs, pastured butter, yogurt, kefir, olive oil, coconut oil, almond butter, peanut butter and sunflower seed butter.
  • Broccoli, apples (contains boron, 1-2 each day), watercress and kale
  • Buckwheat, oats and lentils

Vitamins for Rebuilding Broken Bone!

1. Alfalfa Complex

*Contains A, E, K, B and D. It also contains silicon, phosphorus, iron, potassium, chlorine, sodium, magnesium and many additional trace minerals for swelling, inflammation control and bone mending

2. Thorne Basic Nutrients 2 a day

Provides all the cofactors, vitamins and minerals needed for a full recovery including the methylated b-vitamins. B-vitamins get exhausted in the body under physical and mental stress and is critical to healing.

3. Osteomatrix

Provides everything needed for bone modeling.

4. Double Bonded Grass-Fed Goat Whey

1 serving at breakfast
1 serving at 3:00

Adequate protein is crucial to recovery.

5. Joint Health Complex

Cat’s claw will help reduce pain by reducing inflammation caused by injury to the body.

2nd Testimonial

I cannot say enough good things about Cheri and Alex Swanson.  The team there has saved me on multiple occasions.

When I first saw Cheri Swanson, I had not been able to bounce back from a major surgery (complete hysterectomy) after two years.  At work, I had to go part-time; at home, I could not even make it up the stairs to the bedroom so I was sleeping in the den.  I had been to a parade of medical doctors about this, but none had been able to help.  I had trouble tolerating dental procedures, so my endodonitst’s office referred me to Cheri.  She said I looked underwater and that my adrenals had “hung up the phone” and titled me the Queen of Hypoglycemia.  Just being in Cheri’s caring presence makes a person feel better. But she is also a master of what I call “tech transfer”:  she prepares a simple program tailored to one’s lifestyle so it can actually be followed, even by a person who is physically and mentally exhausted.  Within 4 days of seeing Cheri, I was walking a mile a day.  I got my life back.

Another time:  I broke my knee while on vacation overseas, and the third-world hospital immobilized it in a cast to heal.  A week later I was medically cleared to fly home and saw an orthopedic specialist here, who said that the halves of the kneecap were binding together on one side but not the other because the pieces were farther apart there than diagnosed overseas, and the gap hovered at the limit of what could heal without surgical intervention.  He was pessimistic about the break mending by itself, especially given factors such as my age & underlying osteoporosis.  He allowed a few weeks to wait and see, but if the remaining gap hadn’t bridged at that point I would need surgery to re-break the kneecap, destroy the partial healing and wire the pieces together.  People who have this surgery are usually back within a year for another one to get the painful wires removed.  Aside from the resulting nasty scars, I desperately wanted to avoid any surgery, much less two, because I am allergic to all antibiotics, so we had no good strategy if an infection occurred and it could be a death sentence.  Again, Team Swanson came to the rescue, including an intensive diet and supplement regime and even a donation of grass-feed beef bones with a recipe for marrow soup.  The result was that healthy new bone completely cemented the gap without surgery, and I regained full mobility to the extent that my orthopedist said his only other patient with as much knee flexibility is in the Cirque de Soleil.

These are some major incidents, but Team Swanson is always ready and able to help with everyday maladies and problems.  I learn something valuable every time I am in there, even if I just drop in to buy some supplements, not to mention that they just brighten my day.  These are indispensible people to have in one’s corner.



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