Endocrine System Information


When I sit down with certain clients, I use this paper to help understand the endocrine system.

  1. First part of the loop is the hormone producing organs or cells- to name a few of them: ovaries, adrenals, thyroid.
  2. Second part of the loop are the cells. The bloodstream carries the hormones to the cells, which are programmed to receive and use these hormones.
  3. The third and last part of the loop is the liver. What is not or cannot be used travels to the liver. The liver’s job is to break down or bond hormones together in order to inactivate them and to eliminate them from the body through stool and urine.

The three parts of the Endocrine loop represent:

a)    Production
b)    Utilization
c)     Elimination

This process only works well if the body has received enough of the right nutrients to perform the task.


Production. Here we have the factory to make the hormones. There might be a variety of reasons why the body might not be able to produce the hormones it needs. Some reasons might be the lack of minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids or a complete protein.

Utilization. Estrogen and progesterone has to be picked up by the receptors. There might be too many, there might be not enough or the receptors might be blocked.  One example would be the interference of chemicals, like pesticides or preservatives.  These chemicals could act to destabilize the body and lead to poor utilization.

Elimination.  The liver is the chief chemist of the body and many things might go wrong. We might again have interfering chemicals. The liver might be too busy to break down a chemical laden food that it cannot concentrate on the hormone elimination. We might lack some nutrients needed for the process. One important nutrient is the B complex, which is needed for the activation of the hormones. Since the liver gets rid of the hormones primary via the bowel and urinary tract, things can go wrong at this last stage of elimination. If the bowel bacteria are not in right balance then estrogen can be deconjugated and reactivated in the bowel. If we have constipation or irregular bowel movements the hormones will stay long enough in the bowel to be reactivated and to be reabsorbed into the blood stream.

Recommended Supplementation

Estrogen metabolism, progesterone precursors and elimination requires B6, B2, B6, B12, folate, magnesium, zinc and probiotics. The best program would include:

1. Thorne Basic Nutrients 2 a Day

Contains all the right forms of the b-vitamins, vitamin C, micro minerals and zinc.

2. Magnesium Citrate

Magnesium Citrate is the best form for preventing constipation.

3. VSL#3

Many probiotics are dead upon delivery. This is one of the few I have used with great success.

4. Liver DTX

I use this for one month to cleanse the liver. Works very well.

-Cheri Swanson

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